Big Cat Charm Necklaces

Beautiful one of a kind handmade necklaces!

crystal_pearl_explosion.jpg Crystal pearl explosion necklace $48.00

Crazy mess of glass pearls and crystals in shades of cream, bronze, and smoke. Metal is antiqued bronze.

black_magic.jpg Black magic necklace $45.00

Crystal, glass, and metal in iridescent black, clear, smoke, vintage rose and citrus green. Metal is matte silver-plated.

pink_comment.jpg Pink comment necklace $35.00

Pink quartz is the centerpiece of this necklace, which also includes crystals, glass pearls, and antiqued silver-plated charms.

sea_of_japan.jpg Sea of Japan necklace $32.00

Real mother-of pearl, cobalt crystals, and ceramic fish combine with metal and enamel charms to evoke the ocean. Chain is matte silver-plated.

serpent_envy.jpg Serpent envy necklace $34.00

Real lava rock and onyx, aventurine and buri seeds. Serpent-shaped clasp and double-link chain are antiqued bronze.

temple_confetti.jpg Temple confetti necklace $37.00

Warm and sparkling. Beads of iridescent glass, crystal, and onyx in shades of charcoal, gold and rose. Metal is antiqued bronze.

with_feathers.jpg With feathers necklace $45.00

Maybe it's not for everyone, but I LOVE this necklace! A mix of vintage and new beads and charms, different gauge chains, and yes, FEATHERS.